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Nick Ortego is a health coach specializing in biohacking for runners. He integrates modern methods with the ancient wisdom of yoga to help runners get the most out of every aspect of life. He is the owner of N 2 Action, a wellness studio in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, offering personal training, health coaching, yoga, and fascial stretch therapy.
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Hey Nick Ortego here. I’m going to
show you how to stretch the upper part of your calf, the gastroc, in a dynamic
multiplanar way. Ideally on the
stretch you will probably want to be
barefoot, but if you have your shoes
on no big deal. You can still do it if
you’re just working it into your day.
Put one foot back, stretching this side,
my right foot. Be sure that the foot is
perpendicular to the wall. There’s
usually a tendency when the calves
are tight for the toes angle out. What you
want is the foot perpendicular to the
wall and then leave that one foot back.
The knee is straight so I’m straightening
the need as much as possible and
grounding into the heel of that back
foot. I’m really pushing the heel down,
knee’s straight and I’m taking that hip,
the right hip, the hip on the side that
I’m stretching, and pushing the hip forward.
I have the heel down, knee straight, hip
forward, using this wall for balance. Once
i’m grounded through that heel and I’m
pushing my hip forward, then I start
shifting hips side to side. Getting all
these different angles of fibers of
fascia and muscles I’m stretching in
the calf. From the front it would look
something like this, getting a sideways
hip shift, not necessarily a hip turn but
a hips shift. You got any benefit from
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